April 8, 2017
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Chittaurgarh is the perfect backdrop for historical blockbuster(Rajasthan tour package). This fortified citadel was ravaged three times when women and children commited ‘Jauhar’ immolating theselves on a huge funeral pyre while the men folk donned in saffron robes of martyrdom rode out to face certain death.
Alauddin Khilji was the first to sack chittaur in 1303 A.D. Legend has it that Alauddin Khilji was so besotted by the regal beauty of Padmini, he was overpowered by a desire to possess her. But the noble queen prefferd death to dishonour and committed ‘Jauhar’.The victim was chittaur.which came under the sword of the marauder.
In 1533 A.D.,during the rule of Bikramajeet, came the second attack from Bahadur Shah,the Sultan of Gujarart. Once again the jauhar, was led by Karmawati, a Bundi princess. Her infant son was smuggled out of Chittaur and survived to inherit the throne of the citadel. From the traumatic experience of his childhood he learnt that discreation was the better part of valour. So when Mughal Emperor inceded Chittaur, Udai Singh fled to establish a new capatial of Udaipur; a truly beautiful lake city. He left behind chittaur to be defended by two 16 year old heroes,Jaimal of Bednore and Patta of Kelwa. These two young men in their prime displayed the Rajput Chivalry before being consumed by the jauhar flame. Immediately afterward Akbar razed the fort to the ground.
Chittaur was never inhabited again,but the pride, glory and the royal part is still alive in its imposing fort, spectacular chhatris and owe inspiring palaces.
Tourists Attraction
The Fort
The indomitable pride of Chittaur,the fort is a massive structure with many gateways built by the later Maurya rulers in 7th century A.D. Perched on a height of 180mt high hill, it sprawls over 700 acres. The tablets and chhatris within are impressive reminders of Rajput heroism.
Vijay Stambh(Victory Tower)
The imposing 37 metre high structure with nice storeys, covered with exquisite sculpture of Hindu detities and depicting episodes from the two great epics-Ramayana and Mahabharata.
It was builtin 1440 A.D. by Maharana Kumbha, a powerful ruler of Mewar, to commemorate his victory over the Muslim rulers of Malwa and Gujarat.
Kirti Stambh(Towe Of Fame)
The 22 metres high tower built by a wealthy jain merchant in 12th century A.D, The tower is dedicated to Adinathji, the first of the jain Tirthankaras and is decorated with figures of the jain pantheon.
There are many more attraction such as Rana Kumbha’s Palace, Padmini’s Palace etc. which adds up to the beauty of this epitome of romance and valour Chitttaurgarh.

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