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“Indian Culture is Unique and Vast”

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is rich,unique and vast which comprises different norms of different religions.

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Its richness mainly influenced from the ways in which the great and little traditions are mixed.

Classical music and dance of India are highly developed forms,based on texts that are 2,500 years old.

At the same time there are earthier folk traditions from various states came in existance.

Jaisalmer and Jodhpur is the famous example for folk tradition popular culture.

The famous visual arts of India that is also based on texts that are 2,000 years old scriptures .

Architecture of Indiacountry of villages

The breathtaking grandeur of of Mughal monuments is “TAJ MAHAL”,”QUTUB MINAR” ,”HUMAYUN TOMB”.


The simple elegance of village homes made with local matriels to suit the climate and weather.

The Village houses are made by mud and thatch huts of the Rabaris of Kutch.

Like elsewhere in the worlds,pre modern Indian art is largely influenced by religious themes and nature.

It shows their love and respect towards their pre historic religious norms.

The architecture can visual in the Buddhist murals of Ajanta the inlaid carvings of flowers.

Animals in Mughal and Rajput palaces the exquisitely sculpted deities in Hindu.

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And the famous jain temples at Ranakpur and Somnathpur Temple.

The Keshva Temple the miniatures and folk painitings illustrating scenes from the two great epics.

First the Mahabharata and the second Ramayana.

Indian handicrafts the ancient seers of India referred to gold by many names-synonyms for life,longevity and beauty which have grown out of ancient traditions. It continue to exist inspite of rapid industrialization and a fast growing market economy and influencing throughout the World.

India’s major religion,Hinduism,is practised by approximately 82% of the population.

Along with Buddhism,Jainism and Zoroastrianism,it is one of the world’s oldest extant religions,with roots extending beyond 1000B.C.

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