February 17, 2017
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Rajasthan is a magical land that springs surprises of every turn, takes your breath away at every bend. Rajasthan is a land of contrasts. When you meet its teeming friendly people, so full of joy, colour and bonhomie you wonder, is this where bloody battles raged?

The Land of heroism and chivalry, where ‘Jauhar’ was committed for the sake of pride, it is. The topography amazes you as well. How can one state has it all? And scorching desert scope merging into lush deciduous and coniferous forests. Where rivers, streams and lakes abound. Keeping in step are a mind boggling species of fauna. All creatures of God that were meant to walk the earth-free. And, they do, in their natural habit, in some of the finest national parks and sanctuaries.

In Rajasthan, cities sprang up around citadels. They still retain their medieval flavour with forts and palaces, with havelis for people to stay, with temples and mosques for people to pray.

Vibrant bazaars, selling fabrics and jewellery, art and crafts that are millennia old. Yet here tradition goes hand in hand with the contemporary. There’s industry. Commence running hard bargain.

If you come back to Rajasthan during festive season, and we hope you do, you’ll be mesmerized by its folk dances that have a rhythm of their own. Bollards sung and the strains of melancholy melodies rent the air. Temple bells chime to declare the faith of the believers. Pilgrims throng to dedicate their beliefs to the one above, Rajasthan art is a school by itself. Exquisite miniature paintings and frescoes fit for the most discerning of connoisseurs.

Pamper your taste buds. Sample the mouth-watering cuisine of the region. Every district has its own speciality ranging from dishes to royal delicacies.

On your visit to Rajasthan, stay where the Maharajas lived. A wide range of accommodation is available all over the state to suit all budgets. Opulent palaces and havelis transformed into heritage hotels with impeccable services fit for royalty. If you looking for economy, check into mid-range accommodation here, comfort is the key to your room.

Rajasthan is culturally rich and has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life. There is rich and varied folk culture from villages which are often depicted and is symbolic of the state. Highly cultivated classical music and dance with its own distinct style is part of the cultural tradition of Rajasthan. The music has songs that depict day-to-day relationships and chores, often focused around fetching water from wells or ponds.

Rajasthan attracted 14 percent of total foreign visitors during 2009–2010 which is the fourth highest among Indian states. It is fourth also in Domestic tourist visitors.



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